About US

The Northland Sno-Goers is a volunteer operated snowmobile club in Fox Creek AB and an active member of the Alberta Snowmobile Association. The club is board and club members volunteer countless hours to maintain 200km of trails, cabins and many other aspects of safe and fun trail enjoyment. Nothland Sno-Goers is also please to assist in the care of the Golden Triangle trail. Over years the members have worked to link the Fox Creek tail system to other area clubs including Whitecourt, Edson and Swanhills. Each year in February the club holds a Rally fit for Family and hard core riders alike. Complete with dinner, activities and dance it is always a wonderful event. The club is made up of many long standing members as well as youth members. It is not unusual to see families, seniors or a pack of powder hungry teens roving the trail on any day of the week.
Club Trail Passed are sold at the local Urban Salon in Fox Creek and are funds from these sales are used to update and expand trail systems.