• Harold's Hut
    Harold's Hut
  • Eagle Cabin
    Eagle Cabin
  • Trappers Cabin
    Trappers Cabin

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Trapper’s Cabin

Trapper’s Cabin is a small authentic trapper cabin with wood stove and outside features a large communal fire pit and wood storage. There are Men’s and Women’s portable toilets on site. Please use wood sparingly as it is cut and stocked by volunteers and needs to last all season.  It is recommended to carry fire starters.


Eagle Cabin

Eagle Cabin is a larger modern cabin located in a meadow on a hilltop, this cabin can hold larger groups and contains a wood stove.  There is a large fire pit outside and a wood storage shed.  This cabin sees a lot of use and for this reason often needs to have it’s wood replenished frequently.  Again, please use wood sparingly as it needs to last all season.  The cabin does have basic supplies.  There is also Men’s and Women’s portable toilets on site.  Cell reception is faint but present in this location.

Harold’s Hut (NEW in 2016!)

Harold’s Hut is the largest cabin added in Dec 2015 and named after one of our long time and hardworking club member as well as previous president, Harold Bellwood.  The cabin is located on the main trail between Fox Creek and Swan Hills approximately 35km from Eagle Cabin and is the midpoint between Fox and Swan Hills.  It is a modern cabin complete with loft and wood stove. It can hold a large number of visitors at one time although it takes a bit to warm up if you re the first to arrive.  The site is stocked with wood and axe and also has an outdoor firepit.  Cell reception in this site is almost non-existent.  As this cabin is remote please remember to take out what you take in – there is no garbage disposal on site.

Legion Lodge (West Heavy Sound Loop)

The Legion Lodge cabin is the newest cabin on the trail system and has been generously donated by the Fox Creek Legion. The cabin features a wood stove inside as well as a fire pit area outside with bench seating. The cabin is located along the scenic Iosegun River valley.